Summer // Mersea Island

June 02, 2018

Last bank holiday, we'd planned to be mainly at home other than going out for a couple of BBQ's we'd been invited to. Yet Saturday came around and was far hotter than we expected so we decided to be spontaneous and jumped in the car for a trip to Mersea Island {remember this post?}. 

Basket is a couple of summers back but online here.

I've talked about our love for Mersea Island before with all of the pretty pastel beach huts, the fact that it's always relatively quiet compared to the South Coast and the seafood huts. But this visit confirmed our feelings more so. It was a hot bank holiday yet almost deserted! No traffic, a drive through miles of countryside, no problems parking, a gorgeous walk along the beach from the beach huts up to the old town for dinner and a wander around the boat yard. The inexpensive but insanely delicious dinner {including the best crab cakes we've ever had. We love both the Company Shed & the West Mersea Oyster Co} and an old fashioned ice cream. The beach huts might be Instagram worthy but the island itself isn't particularly trendy but maybe that's why we like it so much with it's unique charm. There are a few old, beautiful houses {including one which was for sale! Swooon}. The beach isn't the best ever, more mud flat at low tide, but it's just such a gorgeous day out nonetheless. There's not too much to try and fit in, but just enough for a half day {longer if you sit on the beach for a while}. Next time I hope that we'll get to explore some of the walks around the nature reserve/East Mersea. And maybe stop at the Tiptree jam factory! It might be Essex but it sure is a gorgeous part of the country.

Dress online here.

Beach hut heaven!

Summer days like these.

R <3 xx 

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  1. Those beach huts though omg


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