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June 19, 2018

A little bit of a different post from me today, I'm no nutritionist or expert but have been asked by lots of you via Instagram stories to share my thoughts on Symprove so here goes... 

My first week of Symprove, just after my Birthday at the end of March

Just over 12 weeks ago I was feeling probably the lowest I've ever felt. Having had a bout of winter colds followed by fairly serious bronchitis {which was torture for me as a runner not to mention how awful I felt in general from it}, a freezing cold winter, lots of flights resulting in my immune system being really low and then being prescribed antibiotics to clear up the bronchitis. I'm such a terrible patient and so bad at being ill. So I was really feeling pretty sorry for myself. I like to think that I eat pretty well and generally take care of myself fairly well {I've talked more about this in this post} but as soon as I got prescribed antibiotics I panicked a little. I've been reading so much about gut health in the past year and just how important it is for us in so many ways - from our immune systems to our skin to metabolism & weight control to even our mental health like anxiety and depression. So I was freaked out that these antibiotics designed to rid my bronchitis would in turn wipe out all of my good bacteria I'd been nurturing! I'm an avid reader of nutritional studies, it something that really interests me, and had been hearing rave reviews about Symprove, a liquid live 'good' bacteria. 

It's a 12 week course which will build up a complete colony of good bacteria in your gut. There are so many probiotics on the market, I used to take a tablet daily but incredibly, Symprove is the only proven strain to reach the gut alive. Any of the tablet forms have to be digested by strong stomach acid etc so by the time they reach your gut, a lot of the bacteria has gone. Whereas with Symprove, you take it first thing in the morning at least 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything and it will reach your gut alive as a liquid. UCL university carried out an independent study which proved this - this was the biggest selling point for me, it's scientifically proven.

It's especially useful for those who have tummy issues, IBS/bloating/Chron's disease etc and these people will see the biggest results. For me, I used to get the occasional bit of bloating and an upset stomach maybe once every 6 weeks? But since taking Symprove I genuinely feel like I have an iron tummy now. It was always fairly flat - if I gain weight it goes to my hips not stomach area I'm a pear shape - but Symprove has definitely made it even flatter, settling the gut. The biggest reasons I wanted to take this though was for overall health, to make sure my gut bacteria is flourishing after the antibiotics. 

For the first couple of weeks I had quite strong tummy pains which I think was probably me getting used to the new bacteria? As I mentioned, you take 70ml {you get a little cup to measure it out} every morning ideally before you eat or drink anything for at least 10 minutes. On the first day I almost gagged and thought how on earth will I take this every day without holding my nose. But really it's not bad AT all. It takes probably 2/3 days to get used to it but now I love it. You can get a flavoured version but that has sweetener in so I'd rather stick with the natural/original. It's made out of fermented barley and every 70ml contains more than 10 billion, live active bacteria. You get sent a box of 4 bottles at a time, each bottle will last for a week. You keep it refrigerated once opened. I took 2 bottles to Florida with us for our trip and just kept it in the fridge when I opened each one. On a rare occasion I've forgotten to take it in the morning, I take it in the evening a few hours after I've had dinner. When we've been away to Europe recently I've had a few days off taking it {with the liquid handluggage rules} but then just get straight back into it when home. It becomes a part of your routine and second nature.

I've got just a couple of weeks left in my first 12 weeks, and I haven't been ill for the past few months at all. Not even a cold. Is this partly to do with the fact it's summer and not winter now? I guess it's hard to know. But I really do feel so much better. I can't decide whether to keep taking it or not. You can do. But I think the official advice is if you feel good, to just take a 12 week course each year or when you feel like you need a top up. Theoretically, the bacteria should now be flourishing on their own? 

As well I try and keep my gut healthy with natural live yogurt, apple cider vinegar and lots of fibre. Ideally I should have some other kinds of fermented foods, sauerkraut, kefir or something but I'm just not that into it?! 

Interestingly, I was talking to my friend Kate recently - who is really into her nutrition and has taken Symprove. She had her gut bacteria measured and said that after taking Symprove the results were great with a huge increase in good bacteria & removed the bad. But it doesn't contain lactobacillus which means you should alternate Symprove with VSL3 to get a complete bacteria profile. So now she alternates Symprove with VSL3 monthly. I think I might do this.

So, if you're thinking of trying Symprove I honestly can't recommend it enough for anyone - but especially for people on antibiotics or who have any kind of tummy/gut issues. I think you get 4 weeks free if you sign up for the 8 weeks. The company are so helpful too, I've sent them a couple of questions about travelling with Symprove etc and they always reply really quickly.

I was sent Symprove to trial but I'm now happily paying for the rest, it's such an incredible product. It isn't cheap but if you just need one course each year then it's a small price to pay for a good boost of health?

Have you tried it? Would love to know your thoughts if you're interested in things like this too.

You can find more on Symprove's website here.

R <3 xx

{I was sent Symprove to trial but under no obligation to blog, I just wanted to share this with you. All opinions are 100% my own and this is not a sponsored post}

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